Maximizing God’s Woman, Inc.’s Board of Directors is comprised of  a dedicated group of women with backgrounds law enforcement, education, and business who have a passion to help women experienced abuse to now thrive in their lives.

PAULA B. WYNN (Chairperson) English Major over 30 years. Teaches communication skills to high school students; facilitates development of critical thinking skills and literary analysis; employs Positive Behavior Implementation Strategies in an alternative education setting; and assists students in development of social skills.  Implements character development training for staff and facilitates incorporation of character training among student body. Provide in-home academic instruction to high school students unable to attend regular classes and facilitates smooth transition of students back to classroom.

ELIZABETH A.F. WORMLEY (Secretary) Metropolitan Police Officer (Retired) supervised Recruiting and Law Enforcement Patrol, supervising the applicant investigation review of more than 5000 candidates for position of DC Police Recruit Officer, DC Police Cadet, DC Police Reserve, DC Fire Department Arson Investigator, and DC Police civilian employees.  Served as Law Enforcement Patrol Sergeant/Supervisor and Court Attendance Notification Officer who provided assistance for police officers to attend DC Superior Court proceedings.

JEANETTE LEFTWICH –  Registered Respiratory Therapist and Director of Cardiopulmonary Services. She is actively involved in all aspects of the profession and currently serves on the District of Columbia and Maryland Society for Respiratory Care Board of Directors,  American Association for Respiratory Care Political Action Committee Team, and the University of the District of Columbia Respiratory Therapy Advisory Board since 1993. Has served on several other boards, steering committee, projects, and served as consultant. One of her true passions is advocating for respiratory therapist, patients, and their families.