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Being Your Best “YOU”


We are designed for relationships. Healthy relationships require healthy people.  Unfortunately, many adults struggle having healthy relationships due to abuses that happened in their childhood.  This is a major problem in U.S. where there are approximately 42 million child sexual abuse survivors.

What we do!

  • We help adult survivors rediscover who they are- because what happened to them does not define who they are. 
  • We help survivors to release shame and guilt – because what happened to them was not their fault.
  • We help survivors regain their focus – because what happened in the past doesn’t have to ruin the dreams of the future. 

Survivors CAN be Overcomers!!

  • We offer workshops on establishing healthy boundaries, mother-daughter relationships, loving yourself, releasing the pain through forgiveness. and maintaining a mentally healthy you.

If we can be of any help or you are interested in attending one of our workshops, please contact us at